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About US

Hello and welcome to Truly Wholesome! 

I am Rebecca, founder of Truly Wholesome.

Health and Nutrition have been a passion of mine for many many years and my desire to share my knowledge is why I started Truly Wholesome, empowering others on how to achieve a healthier, more natural lifestyle and providing the products to achieve this lifestyle.

I want to make transitioning to this lifestyle as easy as possible but would never skip on quality, I make sure all the things I source for the shop are the healthiest things on the planet - Whole, Organic, Natural, Eco-Friendly and Toxin Free and I mean TOXIN FREE. 

Following these principles of the whole, organic, natural and toxin free means that your body and mind will be working at optimum level. Achieving this can be tricky in todays toxic world and thats where Truly Wholesome comes into the picture, I have provided you with everything that is 100% chemical and toxin free and I don't even allow the smallest of chemicals through, none, nada, zilch!

I look forward to sharing my passion with you all, I love everything health, natural and organic and through tips, recipes, "how to's" and of course all the products that we have on the site will be able to help you live your life to your fullest. Follow Truly Wholesome and you will be at the top of your game in not time. 


A bit about me...

I'm Rebecca and a mother to one adorable little almost three year old. I have struggled most of my teenage years as well as adult life with my weight and health or my idea of what weight I should be which lead me to be very passionate about all things health-related. I decided to put all my previous years of nutrition research to good use and studied for four years for a degree in Health Science, majoring in Nutritional Medicine - healing through food, so I am now a Nutritionist on a mission! 

I love everything about nutrition and can't wait to share my knowledge with the world. I truly believe we are destined to eat, live and breath whole foods that are organic and natural and there's nothing better than having a whole house full of natural and non-toxic products, its the only way to be. 

I now have found the key to good health and practice it with my daughter every day, of course, we aren't 100% perfect and I honestly believe its just not possible to be 100% in the world we live in today but I would say we are pretty close. 
My years of research and study have shown me that living a life with whole foods and non-toxic products in your household can stave off many diseases including many types of cancer, endocrine disorders, weight issues, fertility issues, and the list goes on. Other issues that can be resolved by switching over to this lifestyle are hormonal, mood issues such as depression and anxiety and gut issues, this is just some of the well-known illnesses that can be reversed through this natural lifestyle.
Join me in living the natural way. I'm here to help you the whole way. xx 

Our subscription boxes provide you with the guarantee that everything in the box is healthy for you. Each box contains 100% toxin and chemical free products so you can work towards being mostly toxin free. We put together these boxes to help you save time and money and to improve your health and wellbeing. 
Each Mum-To-Be box is delivered inline with each of your trimesters on a quarterly basis, aligning with each trimesters symptoms and health issues (emotional and physical) so you can breeze through your pregnancy (as much as you possibly can). Each box is designed by a nutritionist who is also a mother and understands what you will be going through.
Each New Mum box is also delivered on a quarterly basis taking into account your emotional, hormonal and physical health and what you need in each quarter after birth. The box is focused solely on the mother and is to help empower, uplift, support and spoil the new mum in her motherhood journey. 
The Baby box is sent out monthly and is just for baby! Each item is toxin and chemical free with educational, health and essential products. We understand that your new born is so precious and want to give them the best start in life. This monthly subscription helps you build up all the necessary items you need for the first year of life and beyond.
Each subscription is charged on a quarterly or monthly basis. 
The first box is sent within 7 days of ordering then each box is sent on the 15th of each month or quarter correlating with your due date or your baby's date of birth. 
You can choose to buy a one-off gift box, to buy up the front of 3 months, 6 months or 12 months.
We know you will our boxes as much as we do and welcome any feedback at all. 
Enjoy and live life naturally. 
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