Fur Babies


Your fur babies are just like children, you take care of them as well as you would your own flesh and blood so why wouldn't you want the best and healthiest products for your furry friends.

You won't find any cheap imitation products here, we provide you with only chemical and toxin free pet food, chew toys and toys in general, snack and treat foods and clothing (coats). We have triple cross checked all ingredients to bring you piece of mind that your pets life will also be as chemical and toxin free as possible.

We will be bringing you a fantastic range of raw freeze dried food for your pooches and smooches(cats), which we believe is the most healthiest food you can get in australia, you wont find this food any where else. We will be having trial packs of pork, chicken and beef along with little treat bags as well. The packs come in small, medium or large depending on your pets size. Stay tuned for all the details, coming soon!


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