Healthy Homes


There are hundreds of chemicals that are in your household, there are too many to count but lets list a few for you. Check our blog for more details on what each chemical is and how it affects your body.


  • Your pots and pans you cook in, if its not glass or stainless steel then its not great for you. (Aluminium)
  • Plastic storage containers, again if it isn't glass or stainless steel then you might want to think about swapping these out soon. (BPA)
  • Plastic water bottles (BPA)
  • Microwave, cooking in plastic containers in a microwave can leach so much BPA into your food, its a big no no. Take all plastic out of the microwave better still don't use one at all.



  • Shampoo and Conditioner have a myriad of chemicals in them including silicones, SLS, parabens, phthalates.
  • Makeup or foundation
  • Face cleanser and toner
  • Perfumes
  • Deoderants (Aluminum)  
  • Tile and toilet cleaners



  • Wooden beds are often treated with chemicals as well as the toxic paint
  • Mattresses can often be laced with all sorts of plastics and fumigators
  • Carpets are often treated with chemicals



  • Potting mix can be quite toxic, try and find an organic mix.
  • Persticides and herbicides can be damaging for your health, try and use natural homemade remedies.



  • Washing powders and liquid laundry detergents have harmful irritating chemicals.
  • Cleaning supplies are for of dangerous chemicals and can be harmful for your children if they get into them, go for plant based cleaners where if your children get into them its not dangerous.


This list just srapes the surface but it is a good starting point. Check below our already made toolkits to help you with each area of the house. You can swap out the nasty chemical laden products with our all natural, organic and toxin free toolkits with lots of great information to help you continue this natural lifestlye.

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