Autumn Essentials Kit

The leaves are starting to change colour and fall from the trees, the weather is becoming cooler and its time to pull out those coats and warmer clothes. 

The seasons changing usually mean our bodies can also have some changes like dry skin, our body clock needs to get used to the changes in the amount of sunlight, Anxiety can ramp up a little due to the changes, it can sometimes make you feel a little out of control, theres also a chance that your immune is down and a lot of clods and flus start to make the rounds as well as a change in allergens in the air such as pollen or mould so can cause some sniffles and sneezes too. Dehydration also can make an appearance as you aren't hot and sweating through the sun and you can forget to drink enough. 

So taking all of that into account we have put together an Autumn Essentials Kit to keep you going through to winter. All natural, organic and chemical/toxin free. 

This Kit contains: 

  1. Stainless Steel BPA free Drink Bottle 1litre $44.95
  2. Body Scrub for exfoliating dry skin  $25
  3. Body moisturiser for after your body scrub $29
  4. A Range of Different teas and hot drinks $20
  5. The famous Cheeki Coffee Mug *Best Seller!* $39.95
  6. Rescue remedy for those stressful anxious times you have $21.95
  7. Immunity Booster Blend to give you that boost when you start to feel a throat tickle coming on. $39.95