All Natural Child Kit - Large

Do you want to swap out your toxic, chemical laden creams and wipes and basic baby products for new natural, organic and toxin free products? This kit will cover those basics for your precious little bundle.

This kit includes: 

  1. Summer pack contains 4 mini organic baby creams
  2. Little Innoscents Breath Easy Himalayan bath salts (good for detoxing naturally)
  3. A Toothbrush with an exciting character your child will love
  4. A rinse cup/holder with another exciting character
  5. Natural toothpaste 
  6. Natural chemical free sunscreen (200ml)
  7. Vapour Rub for those tough chesty nights
  8. Little Mashies reusable pouch x 2 for making your own baby food
  9. Api Wraps 3 different sized natural wraps for your snacks, get rid of plastic! 
  10. Natural broccoli chips, your little ones will love these all natural chips
  11. Natures Child Bottom Balm & Reusable wipes