Breastfeeding Tool Kit


Breastfeeding is an amazing feat when and if you get to do it with your new baby. Some people aren't able to feed for numerous reasons and others continue through the struggle of it to reach the other side with relief and confidence, I rarely come across someone who has said it was a piece of cake their first time.

The sore, cracking, bleeding nipples, the let down pains, the full engorged breast that no one tells you about, the mastitis, the latch problems. There are so many things that can hinder a beautiful breastfeeding relationship but I am here to help you get through this, to guide you along the way with expert advice and email support along with the best natural products that can help soothe, support and empower your breastfeeding journey with your little one. 

The breastfeeding tool kit consists of:

  1. Nipple Shields
  2. Hydrogel Discs
  3. Nipple cream 
  4. Sleep bra 
  5. Natural Breast Pads 
  6. Top Ten Breastfeeding tips by breastfeeding consultant 
  7. Email support for 4 months 
  8. List of Foods and Recipes for bringing milk in and continuing supply from nutritionist and helpful tips to get through this time. 
  9. Breastfeeding caddy 
  10. Drink bottle 
  11. Snacks for breastfeeding times