Children's First Aid Kit

An all natural first aid kit for your baby and toddler. I have always wanted an alternative to the medicated first aid kits so have put together something that can be in addition to the medicated kit. This has the bare basics of what you would usually use for colds and flus and stuffy noses which are always the most common with little ones especially when they are in and out of child care with lots of other little ones. 

The Children's First Aid Kit Contains:

  1. Baby Vapour Rub - Chest rub to help baby breath better
  2. Breath Easy Bath Salts - Give your child a nice relaxing warm salt bath to help ease the stuffy nose. 
  3. Lavender Essential Oil - To pop on their pillow to help them sleep
  4. Brauer Cold and Flu Drops (OR pain relief drops)
  5. Nose Sucker - For those very blocked noses