Christmas & New Year Party Health Kit

Do you just love a good Christmas or New Years party but hate the awful hangover, and also hate how the hangovers last so much longer every year! Well we are here to save the day, well we will try to anyway. Of course we don't condone drinking until you can't stand, we'd prefer if you didn't drink at all but the next best thing is preparing yourself for the event. 

Our specialised Christmas Party Health Kit will supply you with all the things you need to support your body for before, during and after, there are no guarantees but we can guarantee that the kit will give your body all its nutrients that it needs for the up and coming bender your about to embark on. 

This Kit Includes: 

  • The do's and dont's of a Christmas & New Years party 
  • Your plan for before, during and after including recipes
  • Your after smoothie making pack
  • Shopping list 
  • Packet of Hydrodol
  • Plus more goodies packed in as a bonus.