Destress & Exfoliating Kit

Imagine soaking in a bubble bath with your favourite essential oils and bath salts to help relax you and soften your skin. Cup of herbal tea resting by the side and an all natural candle burning to ease the mind and get you into a restful mood. The kids are either with the other half or a grandparent or they are watching their favourite movie while you take some me time. 

This Kit will get you relaxed, relieved of all stress and ready for an amazing nights sleep, unless you have a newborn then it will just help you get through the night in a relaxed manner which is what all of us mums need in the 4th trimester. 

The De-Stress & Exfoliation Kit contains: 

  1. Body Scrub Cream
  2. Epsom Salt Baths infused with essential oils
  3. All Natural therapeutic handmade candle "Mummy Support" 
  4. Herbal Tea for Sleep
  5. Volcanic rock foot scrub
  6. Foot repair and softening cream 
  7. Nutritionist Consultation to help you pinpoint your stressors and how to help alleviate these naturally. (30 minutes)

Value over $200, you won't be disappointed with this kit, it will help you unwind and make you feel great not just during the bath but for the following 24hrs and hopefully beyond. 

Free shipping on orders over $100 (YES this order qualifies! )