Fussy Eaters Tool Kit

Does your child forcibly push away his plate when you serve up perfectly good vegetables? Or does she take one bite a spit it out again causing a frustration to build up inside of you? Do your children eat only cheese rolls and chips? 

Well this toolkit is for you! 

We cant promise we will be able to get your children to eat healthful meals every time but this toolkit will try pretty hard to get them on the right path.This toolkit is about making it fun again, no pressure but just inclusion of your children to help grow, pick, cook and eat. 

The Fussy Eaters Toolkit Consists of: 

  1. A Grow it yourself seasonal vegetable x 2
  2. Specially designed plate, bowl spoon, fork and knife. 
  3. Recipes to hide the veggies 
  4. Tips on foods that are big on nutrients and easy to eat 
  5. Nutritionist Consult for 45 minutes. 
  6. Snacks that are nutritious and healthy for children x 3
  7. Stainless steel lunch box (double decker)
  8. Stainless steel snack box (3 compartments)