Mini Luxury Personal Kit

This Kit contains everything that you would use for yourself but is all chemical free, this is the mini version of the Luxury personal kit for only $119, There is over $150 worth of product in this kit!! You're getting a great deal. 

Reducing or eliminating as many chemical laden products as you can means that you prevent a range of health issues such as some cancers, cysts, hormonal imbalances and unexplained allergies.

These products are not sample sizes, some of these products will last you up to 12 months or more.

We don't want to give you a kit that you only use once, we want you to be equipped with full sized natural and organic luxury items that make you feel like you're not missing out on anything.

Your kit contains quality, organic, natural, vegan and non toxic products that have had all ingredients checked and approved. We hope you love it as much as we do! 

This Kit Includes:

  • Ugly Bits Stick (Magnesium) - Helps get rid of blemishes, acne and other spots. 
  • Vegan Mascara
  • Vegan Lipstick  
  • Charcoal teeth whitening paste
  • Hair Silk Mask  
  • A Nutritionist Consultation for 45 minutes for any questions you have.  

Free Shipping on all orders over $100 (That means this one qualifies, woo!)