Toxin Free Luxury RELAX Box For Mum

This box includes the following 100% toxin free items:

  • Botani Facial Mist 
  • Everybodi Coffee Scrub 
  • 24K Goddess Gold Eye Masks
  • Desert Shadow Organic Hair Mask
  • Rasling Raw Organic Moisterising Cream
  • Tasmanian Soap Co. Relax Balm  

Are you pregnant and feeling it or are you a mum that hasn't had moment to her self in a long time? 

Start this box with spraying your facial mist on and taking a few deep breaths, in for 7, hold for 7 and out for 7.

Pop your hair mask on while your relaxing in a hot bath with your 24K Gold Eye masks and relax for as long as you need. 

Get the shower reading to wash off your amazing Everybodi Coffee Scrub that will help with stretch marks and giving your skin a good exfoliating.  

Now time to moisturise once you're all clean and fresh with Rasling Raw Organic Moisturiser and to finish off your pamper session, rub the Relax Balm over your chest and neck and slip off into a deep slumber (hopefully with no interruptions). 

This gift box will give you a night to remember!

Time to indulge!