Toxin Free Snacking Box

This box includes the following 100% toxin free items:

  • Cheeki 750ml Stainless steel drink bottle 
  • Ever Eco Bento 2 Compartment Snack Box stainless steel 
  • A set of Ever Eco Bamboo Cutlery
  • Ever Eco Stainless Steel Straws x 2
  • Vital Smoothie Booster 

This is perfect mix of items to take on a picnic, use for your daily lunch at work or just use as an on the go pack when out and about with your little ones. 

Food grade stainless steel is used in a variety of items due to its non leaching properties, the items listed above do not have any aluminium lining therefore allowing for your food and water to be kept in its original state. 

Bamboo is a very eco-friendly product and use used for its reusability and degradable properties, great to use instead of plastic cutlery. 

Stop throwing away your one use plastic straws and save our oceans, every little bit helps. Switch over to stainless steel straws which are safe and easy to take with you for all those smoothies and drinks you have on the run. The common questions about these straws is the taste and the feel, once you've had one drink out of these straws it just feels like a normal straw, as for the taste, there isn't any so theres no excuse for swapping over to these reusable straws.